Teacher Feng Hou from Our School Was Selected as the First Batch of National First-class Courses

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses (national "golden courses"), of which the "Material Analysis Method" was selected as the first batch of offline first-class courses, taught by Teacher Feng Hou of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. It is reported that 11 online, 14 offline courses and 4 online and offline hybrid courses have been selected as first-class courses, as well as 7 in virtual simulation experiment teaching, 1 social practice course, a total of 37 courses in Tianjin University.

Tianjin University used to set up metallography and heat treatment, inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer materials major, of which the main course was the predecessor of the "Material Analysis Method". With the adjustment and reform of the major conducted by the government, this course adjust itself to focusing on wider material domain, material researches, scientific research thinking of students, and teaching contents with broad range, becoming a basic course on the platform of School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tianjin University. The course integrates ideological and political education into curriculum teaching, highlights the training concept of " cultivate all-round ability, innovation on research for students”, riches the contents of research, innovation and comprehensiveness for advancing students’ thinking and capacity of dealing with complex problems.

"Modern Research Methods of Materials" was rated as Tianjin Excellent Course in 2008, National Excellent Course in 2009, and National Excellent Resource Sharing Course in 2013. The name of the course was changed to Material Analysis Methods in 2017. As Tianjin University excellent open course, began to construct online in 2018. As a national resource sharing course, this course serves the undergraduates and the masses of social learners. Since 2014, the number of people who have participated in online courses has been 51,113; from 2018 to 2019 – a run cycle, 523 people selected it as an excellent online course of Tianjin University.

Our school has made unremitting efforts to promote the construction of first-class undergraduate majors and courses, the quality of student training has been steadily improved, the effect of faculty and talent gathering has been prominent, and the academic influence has been ranked in the forefront of the country.

The award of national first-class undergraduate courses will further broaden the ideas for the development of new engineering, and strive to update and optimize the curriculum and training programs. The school will adhere to the original aspiration of cultivating people with merit, and bravely shoulder the mission of building a strong country, concentrating on building a "golden course" and full play to the leading role of national first-class undergraduate courses. The school will continue to strengthen the construction and application of first-class undergraduate courses,as well as comprehensively improve the level of curriculum construction and raise the quality of training to a new height.