Institute of Advanced Metallic Materials was founded in December 2014, being affiliated with the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University. The institute is mainly divided into the following four research direction:


  Direction for composite and functional materials:

  Asanovel characteristicdirection,it is the syntheses of three materials and advanced technology.Itgot funding from National Funds for Outstanding Young Scientists and Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation in the construction period. Based on the assisting of sodium chloridetemplateassembly, it was first proposed that the preparative technique of in-situ synthesis of two-dimensional carbon nano-phase and three-dimensional grapheme net on the metal substrate, for the metal based structures and energy-storing composite material, which was published in “Adv. Mater”, “ACS Nano” etc. The highest frequency of citation for one article is more than 200, and four articles are selected as ESI highly cited papers.


  Direction for metal functional materials:

  Theory and applied basic researches have been conducted in the field of catalysis, battery, biology, space and environment. “The Recruitment Program for Foreign Experts”, Japanese courtyard academician, Prof. Akihisa Inoue, who received the award for the Thomson Reuters highly cited scientists in 2014, was brought to widen the research of amorphous alloy functional materials. More than 100 articles included in SCI were published, more than 20 of which are included in JCR 1st area. 2 Tianjin Prize for Natural Sciences were received.


  Direction formetal corrosion and protection:

  It has the traditional advantage of in-situ and real-time detection and monitoring based on the metal corrosion electrochemical feature. It was supported by National Key Basic Research Program (973) sub-project, National Natural Science Foundation, etc. It has been carried out more than 30 cooperation research projects with enterprises. It was established with enterprises that Tianjin Pipe anti-corrosion technologyengineering center, which has served for more than 50 enterprises and research institutes.


  Direction for metal forming and processing:

  Its characteristic is the R&D and processing of heat-resistant alloys for fossil and nuclear power plants. It was supported by National Magnetic Confinement Fusion Energy Research Project, National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program), National Natural Science Foundation, etc. The research funds is more than 20 million Yuan in all. The developed technology has been widespread used by Tianjin Pipe Group and China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation. The value of output was more than 200 million Yuan. The achievementsObtained2 provincial-level rewards.