My Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

17212231I made it all the way to 37% I deserve a medal…..

okay….I just can’t finish it….it started with this paragraph at about 12%

“She knew it was probably just the adrenaline, but she found herself strangely attracted to the American professor. In addition to his being handsome, he seemed to possess a sincerely good heart. In some distant, alternate life, Robert Langdon might even be someone she could be with.”

From then on all I could think of was what a complete sell out Dan Brown was. I mean, this isn’t even an original love twist…it’s so overused….so overdone. I made it all the way to 37% before I just am done…I’m over it…kaput…no more….

So far Langdon has escaped several assassination attempts. He has managed to escape several times from places that were inescapable. So we’re suppose to believe he is insanely clever, right? WRONG!!!!! When he meets up with a lady he met the night before (he has short-term amnesia …ufffta…. how very original) he has to ask her half a dozen times, “You did, I must have overlooked that” when she points out that they discussed it the night before. Hello! If you’re trying to act like you don’t have amnesia, don’t question every thing she tells you from the night before, moron!

I just can’t take it anymore….

I honestly feel that Brown has just totally sold himself out here….He has not only recycled generic writing themes, he has used boring, unimaginative ones to boot! At this point, I can’t help having visions of Harrison Ford (Indian Jones) and Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) running through my head. Where the hell is Robert Langdon? I just can’t picture him. There is no clear picture of him or his personality. How dare Dan Brown assume that everyone has read the previous books. As an author I would think that you can never assume that your reading audience has read your other books. This might be the very first time they have picked up one of your novels. Yet, Brown gives us no insight to who Langdon is. What makes him tick? There simply is no inner workings to his mind or his personality here. So very disappointed….I seriously wanted to finish this book, but I’ve been debating with myself the entire time from that stupid paragraph until now….I mean, seriously, I’m in the middle of a paragraph and ask myself, “Connie, how much longer are you going to go on with this rubbish?”….guess I finally answered myself….zipt…psssfffttt…done…. adios…..

**after thoughts**

After publishing this review, I was amazed at how many angry people on Goodreads decided to inform me that I had no right to review this book as I didn’t finish it. I disagree. I paid the same amount of money for this book as anyone who loved the novel. I’ve been accused of being a “Dan Brown Hater”, as if I have nothing better to be in life…all I can say is, like I stated before I have loved some of his books. I wouldn’t have spent $15 on a book I didn’t expect to love…and really, I don’t have to finish a rotten chicken dinner to know that it’s rancid and will leave me feeling queazy and unsatisfied…I didn’t need to finish this book just to prove a point…I knew I hated it soon after starting it, but I kept trying to work my through it to be fair…but once I find myself asking myself why over and over again, there really is no point to continue on….


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