After a long couple of weeks at work…and a sad day yesterday thinking about me dad…then reading a book that’s left me thinking about labels…I’ve decided that it’s all about how you look at things…I can dwell on how a couple of negative people make me feel….or I can think about how I feel knowing I’m giving of myself and time and in the process meeting a lot of really wonderful people in my village…

I can spend my time thinking of how much I miss me dad and how much sometimes I desperately wish I could pick up that phone and hear his voice with his stutter and a stupid joke…or I can dwell on the fact that for the 43 years we shared together I always knew in my heart that he was always there for me…no matter what…even if I was foolish enough at times to try telling myself otherwise…I can keep in my mind how lucky I am to have had him…or just waste this time with regrets…

Life is all a matter of choice. See the pavement covered in weeds…or see the beauty that breaks through despite the uneven pavement…

Choose wisely…


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