Don’t be a Muppet!!!

Muppets3Some days I really get tired of social media…Some days I really get tired of work…Some days I just want to be all by myself….

Some days it’s really hard to be positive in a world that just seems so negative. I remember when the news media reported facts (No, I’m not THAT old!!!). Social commentary was left for the end of the newscast…or at the very least you were made aware of the fact that it was their opinion and not fact.

Since when did only reporting one side of a story become acceptable?

I often wonder just how much we let our views and feelings be influenced by what we see and hear instead of what we actually know.

Not just news stories. What about the nice little lady down the street? Have we been sat somewhere enjoying a nice cuppa and overheared something about her? Have we now automatically formed a judgement based on idle gossip?

Step further….have we seen someone having an argument on a public street and went on to automatically assume that the people involved were bad people? If you hear someone mention them, do you automatically tell them what you saw that day? Even though you don’t really know what was going on?

Bottom line….it seems very easy these days to be someone that falls into the trap of letting others think for them. Don’t be a muppet. Don’t let others form your opinions about a situation or even a person. Don’t believe everything you read….or hear…..or even see…..Give people a chance….

Really we shouldn’t be forming opinions when we don’t have both sides of the story….and honestly, it’s not up to the news media or anyone else to educate you….it’s up to you to educate yourself….if you feel strongly enough about someone or something to voice an opinion then by golly you should feel strongly enough to educate yourself first!

Have you ever had a bad day? Have you ever snapped at someone and regretted it later? Of course you have! We all have! Now if you were to be forever judged by that one instance…well would that be fair? Aren’t you more than that one moment in time?

So aren’t others also more than one instance in time? Sure, if they repeatedly show you a bad side, well you can believe that….but don’t just believe it because you were told by someone else! Or because you happened to witness them at a very bad time. Do you know what’s going on in their life? The pressures they are under? The stress they might be feeling?

FFS, DEMAND honest reporting from anyone that desires your readership…or seeks you to be part of their viewing audience. If they can’t provide you with unbiased reporting, why support them?

FFS, don’t assume that just because someone is being neighborly enough to share idle gossip with you that you’re the ONLY person that they are doing so with! You can just about bet that once they leave you that the next person they meet that you’ll have a very good chance of being the next victim of their gossip….if the gossip isn’t true of you, perhaps it might not have been true of all the other’s as well….

Do others really think you’re too much of a muppet to think for yourself? Are you so used to being a muppet that you don’t want think for yourself?

I’m just sick and tired of the negativity….it never hurts to keep an open mind…and to stop with all the name calling and finger pointing when really….you don’t have a clue as to what’s going on because you’re too busy just listening to what you’re being told instead of thinking for yourself….

Again….I know that muppets are cute and fuzzy….but really….you don’t need to be one…stop letting others pull your strings….let’s just all try to stop with all the negatives….be it media or gossip…it only brings you down at the end of the day….it’s such a nicer feeling to spread good news and good reports of others. It’s such a nicer feeling to build up those around you instead of bringing them down….

Go on….stop the madness and spread the gladness…


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