My Review: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

quietI knew I would enjoy this book…I just didn’t realise it would be this much. This is an eye opener. It’s not that it helps you to understand yourself and those around you a bit more….it’s also that it points out in such an obvious way so many things that are wrong in society today. It doesn’t matter where you look, once you read this book you will see the world differently. You’ll look at the education system different. You’ll look at your workplace different. You’ll even look at politics and the financially world of Wall Street differently.

Not only will you look at these things differently, you’ll suddenly understand many things that you didn’t before. You’ll perhaps see how we set so many things up for failure. Just because we think it must be this way. We often see a successful game plan and suddenly we are blinded to other and very different game plans. Just because we think that the only ideas worth hearing are those that are the loudest. You might realise that we are all conformist in many ways…and that this conformity is not always the best thing for our world.

You might even find yourself a bit perturbed at society in general. I think it’s time we forget trying to think “outside the box” and realise that the box is just some bogus design that someone at some point and time decided to make into the image of “the norm”. It takes all kinds to make the world go round. There are many different ways of learning. There are many different ways to teaching. There are many different ways of managing finances. Many different ways of serving others. Many different ways to innovate. There are many different ways to be productive. Many different ways to socialize. Many different ways to relax. There is only one common factor here….there is no “right” way…..only what is right for the individual themselves.

It’s really time we recycled “the box” and embraced society as a whole. No matter in what form the people come in. This book only begins to show us how much better the universe could be if we embraced this concept. How we can all benefit from the different ways people can be their most comfortable and effective.

I highly recommend this book. You don’t need to be an introvert…..again, I tell you….throw out that box!!!!

Until next time…

Urania xx

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